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Update to 2016 Tomato Report

This fall, after I wrote the 2016 Tomato Report post, a disease that I suspect is a form of blight infected all my tomato plants.  This disease shows up every year.  It starts on leaves at the bottom of the plants and … Continue reading

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2016 Tomato Report

I grew six varieties of tomatoes this year.  Here is my appraisal of their performance in my garden. I usually plant indeterminate tomatoes.  This type of tomato will continue to grow and produce fruit until frost (or disease) kills the … Continue reading

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Beans, Blackberries, Peppers, Eggplant, and Tomatoes

It’s just two days since we last picked blackberries and tomatoes, and three since we picked everything else, but we got quite a lot of vegetables tonight. We’ve been getting adequate amounts of rain lately, the heat has moderated a … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest

We just picked some vegetables and fruit from our garden.  Botanically, I guess they’re all classified as fruit as they all contain seeds. The pole beans (‘Kentucky blue’ and ’emerite’ varieties) were producing heavily in July, but the hot, dry weather … Continue reading

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How to Get Garden Gem Tomato Seeds

Last summer, I heard about an interesting new variety of tomato called ‘garden gem’.  I wanted to try these in my garden because they promised great flavor while also being easy to grow, but they aren’t yet available from seed … Continue reading

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Last Harvest before the Frost

With possible frost predicted for tonight, and even colder temps predicted for tomorrow night, I’ve been busy taking care of cold-sensitive plants.  I’ve moved tender houseplants into the house and my office over the past few days, and today we … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest

It rained Thursday, we were busy Friday, and it rained again Saturday, so there was a lot of produce waiting for us in the garden today. The two small bowls at the front contain ‘nectar’ cherry tomatoes and blackberries.  In the large bowl … Continue reading

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Garden Gem Tomato

A friend just sent me a link to this article: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/food/2015/07/garden_gem_tomato_why_harry_klee_s_perfect_cultivar_isn_t_sold_in_supermarkets.single.html Commercial tomato growers and sellers may not want it, but I do!  I’ve asked my favorite seed dealer, Pinetree Garden Seeds, to carry Garden Gem tomato seeds.  If I … Continue reading

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Transplanting Tomatoes

Today (yesterday by the time I finish writing), I transplanted all the tomatoes into garden bed number one.  I transplanted both the early tomatoes that I planted on March 14th and the other tomatoes that I planted on April 16th. … Continue reading

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First Tomato Flower!

One of the ‘Park’s early season starter’ tomato plants that I planted on March 14th has produced its first flower even though it is still growing in a pot.  I saw the flower bud a few days ago and have … Continue reading

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