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Planting Peas & Radishes

Saturday, I finished digging garden bed number four with my garden fork.  On Sunday, I raked it level, raked the sides up against the frame, and raked in four pounds (1.8 kg) of 5-10-10 fertilizer.  I covered the bed with … Continue reading

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The Garden in Snow

A snowstorm on the vernal equinox, also known as the first day of spring?  Yes, and it also happens to be nearing the end of the high school basketball playoffs, both girls’ and boys’, which was a good predictor of snow … Continue reading

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Back Yard Hawk

I looked out the window this afternoon and saw this sitting on my legume trellis. I believe this is a Cooper’s Hawk, although it could be a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Even experts can have difficulty telling them apart, and I am … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Vines, Bean Flowers, & Herbs

I had many “volunteer” morning glory plants come up in garden bed number one, where I planted them last year.  The flowers are purple.  A few weeks ago, I transplanted a couple of them so they can grow on the … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Maple Trees

…is that they have brittle branches that snap easily.  By comparison, my thornless honey locust tree was badly damaged by high wind, and later struck by lightning, yet it never dropped anything larger than a twig.  After a strong thunderstorm Tuesday … Continue reading

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Beans Are Up; Peas & Sage Are Blooming.

The pole beans that I planted six days ago are coming up.  All three varieties, ‘Kentucky blue,’ ‘rattlesnake,’ and ‘emerite,’ seem to be germinating at the same time.  Young bean plants seem to be a delicacy for rabbits, so I enclosed … Continue reading

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Planting Beans

This evening, I planted pole beans on the opposite (West) side of my trellis from the peas that I planted in mid-April.  Beans won’t sprout and grow unless the soil is warm. I used my hoe to remove the weeds that … Continue reading

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Preparing for & Planting Peas

I “rotate” my garden plants each year, moving each family of vegetables to the next of my four raised garden beds.  The vegetables don’t occupy the same soil for four years, which hopefully reduces the number of pests and diseases specific to … Continue reading

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Guest Garden

While on vacation, I visited my parents in southwestern Minnesota.  These photos were taken in my Mom’s garden on July 11th.  They show just some of the vegetables and flowers that she grows in her spacious garden. First up are … Continue reading

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Beans, Tomatoes, & Eggplant

After we arrived home from our vacation, we found that the pole beans were already producing a nice crop of beans. Our neighbors made sure that all the vegetables received enough water while we were gone and harvested some peas, … Continue reading

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