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The Squash that Ate my Raspberries

As I mentioned in my Solo Cucumber post, all the winter and summer squash plants that I planted this year succumbed to disease or insects.  A “volunteer” plant that grew out of my compost bin has had no such problems … Continue reading

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Volunteer Flower

While checking the garden tonight, we discovered an unexpected flower growing where the ‘hakurei’ turnips and cabbage greens were planted.  Those vegetables are mostly finished for the year.  The remaining cabbage greens have quit producing leaves and are flowering, as … Continue reading

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Shades of Green

The cabbage family plants in garden bed number three (Chinese (napa) cabbage, pak choi, radish, kale, turnip, and assorted greens) come in many different shades of green, plus the purple of one variety of pak choi and the red of … Continue reading

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Mutant Mustard

Two years ago, I discovered that I had a kale seedling with three seed leaves, or cotyledons, rather than the usual two.  I had another one show up this year. When I was planting chard, carrots, mitsuba, beets, and lettuce … Continue reading

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Transplanting Peppers, Eggplant, & Marigolds

Today, my daughter helped me transplant the pepper and eggplant seedlings into garden bed number one.  I originally planted the seeds on March 14th.  We followed much the same transplanting procedure as last year and the year before.  The peppers have … Continue reading

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Radishes Are Up!

Most of the radish seeds that I planted a week ago have come up. In the middle right of the photo, there are a couple of mustard seedlings.  They are “volunteer” plants, i.e. they came up from seed produced by … Continue reading

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What Are the Easiest Vegetables to Grow?

If you are new to gardening, or perhaps frustrated with plants that seem suicidal, you might want to try growing some of the following.  This list is composed of those vegetables that I have had little or no trouble growing.  It’s … Continue reading

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Shiso Flowers

Two years ago, I planted sweet William in my large window planter.  I transplanted some of the plants that grew, and left the big planter in the garden over the (2013-2014) winter. Most of the sweet William died that winter.  While the … Continue reading

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Sweet William Blooms

Two of the sweet William plants that I moved to my office last fall have started to bloom. One has reddish-purple flowers, the other has white flowers. They are the larger plants that were growing in the planter in the … Continue reading

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Cabbage Patch “Weeds” & Pollinators

We have been harvesting and eating cabbage for over a month.  We still have several cabbages growing in the first garden bed.  The cauliflower plants haven’t started making heads yet, but the kale is growing well.  We’ll eat kale in the fall; … Continue reading

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