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Beans, Okra, Blackberries, & Pawpaws

We hadn’t picked vegetables since last Thursday, so there were a lot of beans.  The ‘rattlesnake’ variety were the biggest producers this time.  Some were hidden so they were quite large; we’ll probably shell them and just eat the seed … Continue reading

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Transplanting Tomatoes & Marigolds

Tonight, I transplanted all my tomato seedlings, and the ‘golden guardian’ marigold seedlings, into garden bed number four.  I had moved most of the seedlings to the cold frame two weeks ago.  I usually plant the early tomatoes first, then … Continue reading

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Pruning Cherry & Peach Trees and Caring for Seedlings

This weekend, I pruned my cherry ‘north star’ and peach ‘redhaven.’  Last year, I explained in detail how I prune these trees in two posts, “Pruning the Cherry & Peach” and “Peach Tree & More on Pruning.”  I pruned the … Continue reading

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Herb Seedlings & Replanting

Checking on my herb seedlings that I planted two weeks ago, I see that basil (one peat pot on the top right and two on the bottom left) and cilantro (spindly seedlings in the two pots on the bottom right) germinated … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Update

Last night (September 29th), I watered garden bed number four, which was dry.  The other garden beds have a little moisture but will probably need water in a couple of days. At the end of July, I began planting more … Continue reading

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Peppers, Tomatoes, Blackberries, & Tomatillos

First, I thought I’d show you some of our beautiful pepper plants.  Remember that there are three to five plants growing together in a group.  First are the takiis ace peppers; several fruits are turning red on the plants. Next … Continue reading

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Okra, Beans, Peppers, Tomatoes, & Blackberries

It’s been rainy the past few days, so we hadn’t picked vegetables for a while.  I’ve read that it’s easier to spread diseases among the plants when their leaves are wet, so I don’t like to work in the garden in wet … Continue reading

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Cabbage Seedlings

The cabbage family seeds that we planted on Friday, August 16th are coming up.  This is brisk green pak choi in the photo, but the purple pak choi, cherry belle radishes, starbor kale, and snow queen cauliflower are all sprouting … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, & Blackberries

Today, we picked a lot of tomatoes, including the first fruit from the slicing tomato variety that was selected by my mother.  It is in the medium sized bowl, near the middle of the photo.  The pole beans have started … Continue reading

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We hadn’t had much rain for a couple of weeks, and the showers and thunderstorms that were forecast for yesterday failed to materialize, so this evening I watered the garden. Garden beds two and three, which have landscape fabric covering … Continue reading

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