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Shiso Flowers

Two years ago, I planted sweet William in my large window planter.  I transplanted some of the plants that grew, and left the big planter in the garden over the (2013-2014) winter. Most of the sweet William died that winter.  While the … Continue reading

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Moving Flowers Back to the Office

It’s past time to move some houseplants to my office for the winter; last year I did it on November 6th.  Today, I moved sweet william, snapdragon, and dwarf pomegranate trees. Last year, I tried leaving one window planter with sweet … Continue reading

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Transplanting Sweet William

Last June, I planted sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) ‘extra dwarf mix’ seeds in a window planter.  As they are small plants, I feel they will have a chance in a small pot like this.  Because the seed was quite old, … Continue reading

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Office Flowers Return

On Thursday (October 31st), after removing the diseased parts of my prickly pear cactus, I moved some flowers back into my office.  My office has a south-facing window, so it’s a good place to keep plants that I have no … Continue reading

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Planting 09: Beets, Zinnias, Sweet William

Many of my beet seedlings were eaten soon after they came up.  Tonight, we re-seeded beets in between the remaining plants.  The red ace beets that I plant aren’t adversely affected by hot weather if I leave them in the … Continue reading

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Office marigolds and nasturtiums have flowers!

I planted some ‘petite yellow’ marigolds in a window planter in my office on March 22nd.  They had germinated along with some volunteer ‘peach melba’ nasturtiums by April 1st.  Three marigold plants and two nasturtium plants grew in the planter. … Continue reading

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Marigolds are up! (and something else)

The mini marigolds that I planted in the window planter at work about ten days ago are starting to come up.  So is something I didn’t plant — see the seedling in the lower right corner? It looks like a nasturtium; … Continue reading

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More Marigolds

Today I planted marigold ‘petite yellow’ seeds in a window planter at my office.  These marigolds are small (six to eight inches height) so they should work well in a container. I have two of these planters at work now.  I … Continue reading

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