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Planting More Herbs

Tonight, I planted more herb seeds.  These are seeds that I ordered this year and didn’t put with the other herbs, so I forgot about them last week.  I planted them in the small soil blocks just like I did … Continue reading

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Beef Roast

We have a tradition of eating roast beef on New Year’s Day.  I often cook the beef on my smoker, but this year I used the oven.  I wanted to cook the beef on a bed of vegetables, so I dug … Continue reading

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Transplanting Herbs & Planting Okra

The theme this year seems to be “better late than never.”  On Sunday (June 8th), I finally transplanted the herb seedlings that I started on April 12th.  I put them in three different places.  The basil I transplanted into garden … Continue reading

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Herb Seedlings & Replanting

Checking on my herb seedlings that I planted two weeks ago, I see that basil (one peat pot on the top right and two on the bottom left) and cilantro (spindly seedlings in the two pots on the bottom right) germinated … Continue reading

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Planting Herbs & More Tomatoes

Today, I planted more seeds in pots so they can sprout and grow indoors before I transplant them into the garden.  I planted the six remaining tomato varieties in the same fairly large, plastic pots that I used last year:  agro, margherita, … Continue reading

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Carrots, Daikon, & Marjoram

We continued to harvest root crops into late fall; these were picked on December 4th.  The carrots and daikon don’t grow as long in my heavy, clay soil as they would if they grew in loam or sandy soil.  They … Continue reading

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Transplanting 05: Herbs

I transplanted the herbs on Sunday, June 9th.  These are the last of the plants that we planted and grew indoors.  We transplanted the cabbages; early tomatoes and other tomatoes; and peppers, eggplant, and marigolds earlier. Most of the herbs were transplanted into garden … Continue reading

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Planting 03: Tomatoes & Herbs

Tonight, my daughter and her friend helped me plant herbs and additional tomatoes.  These will be the last of the vegetable and herb seeds that we will start indoors, but I need to plant some flower seeds before too long. … Continue reading

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