Weekend Harvest

It was rainy Saturday, so we picked two days’ worth of vegetables and fruit on Sunday.


We got several tomatoes as they are really starting to produce.  There are a few early tomatoes, but mostly paste tomatoes.  I also picked one takiis ace bell pepper to use for dinner.  Peppers can be harvested over a long period, so we just leave them on the plants until we need them.  The garden shears were used to cut the pepper stem.  The pole beans are starting to produce again.  I picked the first four okra of the season, again using the shears to cut the tough stems.  I also picked a few tomatillo.  There is about a quart (1 l) of blackberries in the smaller bowl.


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work: chemist, NMR manager; hobbies: gardening, reading, photography, electronics, biking, woodworking
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