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Preparing for & Planting Peas

I “rotate” my garden plants each year, moving each family of vegetables to the next of my four raised garden beds.  The vegetables don’t occupy the same soil for four years, which hopefully reduces the number of pests and diseases specific to … Continue reading

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Planting a Pineapple

I got rid of two pineapple plants that were growing in one pot to make room for my other plants, but relented and planted a new pineapple in the same pot.  After harvesting the pineapple in September, we put the … Continue reading

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Transplanting Sweet William

Last June, I planted sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) ‘extra dwarf mix’ seeds in a window planter.  As they are small plants, I feel they will have a chance in a small pot like this.  Because the seed was quite old, … Continue reading

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Planting for Fall

Timing can be tricky when you’re planting fall crops.  Too late, and you’ll never harvest anything; too early, and summer’s heat may be too much for cool-weather crops. Tonight, I prepared raised bed number four.  I pulled various cabbage family … Continue reading

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Transplanting 02: Early Tomatoes

The weather prediction looks perfect for newly transplanted seedlings over the next week:  rainy or cloudy, never too hot or cold.  I had been “hardening off” the early tomatoes since Thursday, i.e. putting them outside in a shady spot so … Continue reading

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Some Updates

I’ve updated the blog’s About and Resources pages, which can also be accessed from the header at the top of this page. The seeds I recently planted in garden beds one and four have to be planted at a fairly … Continue reading

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Preparing Garden Bed Number One

This raised bed was prepared in the same manner as raised bed number two.  I already cleaned the old plant stems out earlier. I moved some of the screws holding the timbers together so that they were in solid wood … Continue reading

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Preparing a Garden Bed

Preparation of this raised bed (bed number two) began with the cleanup a few weeks ago.  After that, I turned over the soil with my garden fork.  This loosens the soil to allow air and water to move freely, mixes decaying … Continue reading

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