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New Buds on Surinam Cherry

After I moved the Surinam cherry and some other houseplants into the house last fall, I forgot to water them for several days.  The cherry lost most of the leaves from the upper half of the tree.  Now, it’s started … Continue reading

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Container Flowers

I like to grow annual flowers in various containers.  This year, cosmos, zinnia, and sunflowers have all done well in their flower pots. I’ve planted these cosmos and zinnia varieties before and they have always grown well in containers.  The … Continue reading

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I planted basil ‘gecofure’ in a pot at the end of January.  At the end of February, I thinned it to seven seedlings.  This variety of basil was bred to grow well in containers. I’ve harvested this basil a few times … Continue reading

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Moving the Morning Glory

When I moved the other flowers home from my office, I didn’t move the pot of morning glory vines because the bamboo pole they are climbing makes the entire assembly about five feet (1.5 m) tall.  Today, I decided to find … Continue reading

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates (Again)

Why would I re-pot these miniature trees again so soon?  Well, I moved them and the sweet William planters back home from my office this afternoon, and when I turned my back on them, the cart they were on rolled … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Vines Run Out of Headroom

I gave the morning glory vines that are growing in a pot in my office a bamboo pole to climb a few weeks ago.  There is about four feet (1.2 m) for them to climb, and two vines have already reached … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Flower

The pot of snapdragons that I moved to my office last fall haven’t been doing too well, partly because of the aphids.  During the summer, they were growing near some morning glory vines, so a lot of seeds fell into their pot. … Continue reading

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Weeding & Thinning Basil

My ‘gecofure’ sweet basil seedlings have been growing and now have some true leaves.  It’s been a month since I planted them. Today, I decided to remove the plastic wrap and pull the weeds that have been growing very well. … Continue reading

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Basil Seedlings

The basil I planted a week ago has been sprouting over the last few days.  So far, they haven’t produced any true leaves, just seed leaves. A few other plants have come up, because I planted the basil in the … Continue reading

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Planting Basil

Basil ‘gecofure’ is a Genovese type basil that was bred for growing in containers.  I decided to plant some in a pot today to see if I can have fresh basil earlier than usual. I used a pot that had mint … Continue reading

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