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Loads of Lemon Flowers

My lemon tree currently has more flowers and buds on it than ever before.  I don’t know why; perhaps it’s due to the manure that I added to the pot before I brought it inside. Usually, I just see flowers … Continue reading

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Moving Flowers Back to the Office

It’s past time to move some houseplants to my office for the winter; last year I did it on November 6th.  Today, I moved sweet william, snapdragon, and dwarf pomegranate trees. Last year, I tried leaving one window planter with sweet … Continue reading

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates

My three dwarf pomegranate trees have been growing in some small pots for a couple of years, and I felt they needed larger pots to flourish.  Pomegranates do well in dry conditions, so I chose terra-cotta pots that should help prevent waterlogged … Continue reading

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We pulled another carrot yesterday.  Carrots can stay in the ground for quite a while; in a year with a mild winter, I found edible carrots when I dug the garden bed the next spring. This is a ‘Napoli’ variety … Continue reading

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Freeze Warning

We got our first freeze warning of the season last night, so after spending much of the day (Sunday, November 2nd) fighting the wind gusts while mulching with leaves, we picked the remaining warm weather vegetables. We got a lot … Continue reading

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