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Fall Foliage & Flowers, 2014

It’s fall (or autumn if you prefer) and as the chlorophyll in trees’ and shrubs’ leaves breaks down we can see the beautiful reds and yellows.  These are some of my favorite trees and shrubs that I photographed yesterday in my yard. The dogwood has … Continue reading

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Daylily Flowers

My early-blooming and repeat-blooming (which bloom both early and late in the summer) daylilies produce many flowers early in the summer, but the flowers are small and uniformly colored.  My mid-season and late-season daylilies have large, multicolored flowers that are worth waiting for. I … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 05

These flowers bloomed in my gardens in the second half of August.  Can summer already be coming to an end? the last to bloom of my hostas “Volunteer” cosmos came up last fall in a pot in which cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 04

Here’s a selection of flowers that bloomed during the first half of August. This is a perennial sunflower.  The flowers are much smaller than what the annual sunflowers produce, but there are many flowers per plant and of course they … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 03

This is the third installment of photos of summer flowers.  You might want to see my two posts with photos of spring flowers as well.  Here’s what’s blooming in my yard in mid-summer. Roses are one of the few perennials … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 02

These lilies were planted by the previous owners. The spirea also was planted before we moved to our house. Hydrangea ‘endless summer’ blooms for a long time. Blue flowers are produced by plants growing in soil with an acidic pH … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 01

All of these photos were taken on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013. First is the end of the spring flowers:  the last of my three rhododendron bushes to bloom. The peony buds from my big spring flower post have now opened. … Continue reading

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My hyacinths are in bloom and on Thursday (April 11th) I could finally smell their lovely scent.  These are festival hyacinths which have a looser, less formal group of flowers than regular hyacinths.  I took a series of photos of … Continue reading

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