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Last Harvest before the Frost

With possible frost predicted for tonight, and even colder temps predicted for tomorrow night, I’ve been busy taking care of cold-sensitive plants.  I’ve moved tender houseplants into the house and my office over the past few days, and today we … Continue reading

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Freeze Warning

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for my area for tonight, which means that temperatures may dip below freezing.  It might freeze again tomorrow night. Since the peach tree is blooming, I decided to cover it with … Continue reading

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First Frost

We had frost/freezing temperatures predicted for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights this week, down to 27°F (-3°C) on Friday night.  I moved the houseplants inside, but I also had to do something about the vegetables that are sensitive to frost. … Continue reading

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Houseplant Moving (In) Day

With freezing temperatures predicted for three nights in a row, I scrambled to move my houseplants indoors tonight (Wednesday) before they could be damaged.  I had moved them outdoors on June 5th.  Moving the plants was complicated by my desire … Continue reading

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Another Frost Warning

While I was pruning the blackberries yesterday, there was a short rain shower followed by a sudden drop in temperature.  There was a frost warning for last night and another warning for tonight.  We prepared much as we did for … Continue reading

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Frost Warning

The temperature tonight is predicted to reach 29 to 32°F (-2 to 0°C).  To protect some plants, we covered bed number four (where the cabbages were transplanted; the other seedlings in that bed should be fine) with some sheets over the … Continue reading

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