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Beans, Okra, Blackberries, & Pawpaws

We hadn’t picked vegetables since last Thursday, so there were a lot of beans.  The ‘rattlesnake’ variety were the biggest producers this time.  Some were hidden so they were quite large; we’ll probably shell them and just eat the seed … Continue reading

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Cranberry Harvest, Part One

Our cranberries are ripening, so we began harvesting them today. I saw a cabbage butterfly (Pieris rapae) in the cranberry patch, wondered what it was doing there, and found that one of the plants has a couple of flowers.  They usually bloom in June. … Continue reading

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Harvest & Peppers

It appeared as though the late blight that has wiped out my tomatoes has also infected my pepper plants, so last Thursday (September 18th), we picked all the peppers that we thought might be in danger of going bad. There were actually … Continue reading

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Beans, Eggplant, Pepper, Okra, and Blackberries

This weekend’s harvest is quite a bit smaller than last Friday’s, partly because it’s two days’  production rather than three, and because the days are getting shorter and cooler. We’re still getting a good harvest of pole beans.  I picked one ‘yellow … Continue reading

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Lemon is Ripe

At least, it’s ripe by my standard:  it fell off the tree during the night.  By this point the fruit usually smells “lemony,” but although it looks ripe I can’t smell anything.  This fruit has been growing since last winter. … Continue reading

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Beans, Tomato, Eggplant, Peppers, Okra, and Blackberries

This harvest represents three days’ worth of these vegetables.  We’re getting a lot of pole beans again.  The ’emerite’ variety are still the biggest producers, but ‘Kentucky blue’ are gaining on them. One tomato fruit managed to escape the blight and … Continue reading

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