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Pruning & More Pruning

I got most of my spring pruning done today.  The tools I used were small, bypass pruners; large, lopping pruners; and a Japanese saw.  All of these tools are able to make a clean cut if they are sharp; I had … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms

The ‘north star’ cherry tree is blooming. Not all of the flower buds have opened yet.

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates (Again)

Why would I re-pot these miniature trees again so soon?  Well, I moved them and the sweet William planters back home from my office this afternoon, and when I turned my back on them, the cart they were on rolled … Continue reading

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Planting Peas & Radishes

Saturday, I finished digging garden bed number four with my garden fork.  On Sunday, I raked it level, raked the sides up against the frame, and raked in four pounds (1.8 kg) of 5-10-10 fertilizer.  I covered the bed with … Continue reading

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Freeze Warning

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for my area for tonight, which means that temperatures may dip below freezing.  It might freeze again tomorrow night. Since the peach tree is blooming, I decided to cover it with … Continue reading

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Peach Blossom

My peach tree blooms earlier than most of the flowering plants that I grow, at about the same time as my tulips and the first of the azaleas but after the hyacinths. I need to prune the peach and cherry soon; … Continue reading

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Okra, Herb, & Tomato Seedlings

The seeds that I planted last week have been coming up over the past few days. Big okra seeds produce large, strong seedlings. All of the herbs seem to have germinated well except possibly the parsley.  Where two seedlings came … Continue reading

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Planting More Herbs

Tonight, I planted more herb seeds.  These are seeds that I ordered this year and didn’t put with the other herbs, so I forgot about them last week.  I planted them in the small soil blocks just like I did … Continue reading

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Planting Okra, Herbs, and the Rest of the Tomatoes

Last night, after I made some soil blocks, I used them to plant okra and several species of herbs.  I planted my regular-season (i.e. not early) tomatoes in fairly large pots as these plants grow quickly. I first planted seven varieties … Continue reading

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New Garden Tool: Soil Block Molds

I bought a new toy tool for the garden this year, a set of soil block molds from Lee Valley Tools.  They produce compressed cubes of potting soil that allow you to plant seeds without using pots. This was appealing … Continue reading

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