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Garden Photos from 2012

Back near the beginning of this blog, I linked to an album of photos of my garden on Google+.  Since that service is being shut down soon, I decided to post the photos here. The rest of the text is … Continue reading

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Transplanting Peppers, Eggplant, & Marigolds

Today, my daughter helped me transplant the pepper and eggplant seedlings into garden bed number one.  I originally planted the seeds on March 14th.  We followed much the same transplanting procedure as last year and the year before.  The peppers have … Continue reading

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Fall Foliage & Flowers, 2014

It’s fall (or autumn if you prefer) and as the chlorophyll in trees’ and shrubs’ leaves breaks down we can see the beautiful reds and yellows.  These are some of my favorite trees and shrubs that I photographed yesterday in my yard. The dogwood has … Continue reading

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Transplanting Peppers & Eggplant

This evening, I transplanted my pepper and eggplant seedlings into garden bed number four, following the same procedure as when I transplanted the tomatoes. I had my daughter cut X-shaped holes in the landscape fabric, then I folded the flaps … Continue reading

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Transplanting Tomatoes & Marigolds

Tonight, I transplanted all my tomato seedlings, and the ‘golden guardian’ marigold seedlings, into garden bed number four.  I had moved most of the seedlings to the cold frame two weeks ago.  I usually plant the early tomatoes first, then … Continue reading

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Tomatoes Move Outside

Last Wednesday (May 14th), I moved the tomatoes outside to “harden off,” i.e. get used to conditions outdoors in preparation for being transplanted.  I usually transplant the early tomatoes first, but since I’m later than usual this year all the … Continue reading

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Pepper Seedlings

My peppers have started to sprout.  The eggplant seeds seem to be a day or two behind the peppers as I am just seeing them push through the surface now.  Here is a photo of the new shoots as of last … Continue reading

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Planting Herbs & More Tomatoes

Today, I planted more seeds in pots so they can sprout and grow indoors before I transplant them into the garden.  I planted the six remaining tomato varieties in the same fairly large, plastic pots that I used last year:  agro, margherita, … Continue reading

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Office Flowers Return

On Thursday (October 31st), after removing the diseased parts of my prickly pear cactus, I moved some flowers back into my office.  My office has a south-facing window, so it’s a good place to keep plants that I have no … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 05

These flowers bloomed in my gardens in the second half of August.  Can summer already be coming to an end? the last to bloom of my hostas “Volunteer” cosmos came up last fall in a pot in which cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ … Continue reading

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